Hippy Bathday

I can honestly say I couldn't have dreamt a better birthday, and was spoilt rotten! Thanks so much to everyone involved! I returned to my home town for a few days before to see family and friends, and pamper at my favorite  spa, Moddershall Oaks (it's become a bit of a birthday tradition). Returning to London on the Saturday for cocktails at Bluebird, the place I mentioned in a previous post. But this time we ate in the chic loft like restaurant upstairs. Followed by a night at Boujis!

Moddershall Oaks
Moddershall Oaks

images by me


  1. How relaxing does the spa look :)

    Happy late birthday. Hope you had an amazing day at the spa.

    1. Thank youu! Ah it was so lovely just to take a day to relax..